ATV Boxes
coming soon.....

Strong yet relatively light, our dog box can used in lots of different ways other than transporting your dogs to field. With various gated options along with fully enclosed option too, this box makes a great chainsaw box , animal feed box or tool box . It’s clever size will also accommodate a standard bale of hay or straw with extra wiggle room.
Available to order soon with various size options along with a choice of 200 colours to match your bike. This one’s on Ral 3020 Honda Red with black gloss doors.
Stainless steel mesh and galvanized shell for durability
This particular model sits at shoulder height to a 5 ft 10 human when sat on the bike.

       Prices from £1600 depending on the box & model and any adaptions.

*Prices are subject to change due to inflation of the materials and items we have to buy in for these packages.