Terms & Conditions

We advise that you please read the terms & conditions through.
Any questions please feel free to send an email or message on 07930612576 or liaj@k9ts.co.uk

Conversion Warranty 

Your conversion inside the van has a 12 month warranty from date of pick up/delivery. If something should go wrong please contact us & if it is a small fix we will suggest you take the van to a local garage to get a quote - if we are happy with the price & the issue is our problem (conversion wise) we will pay. If the problem is bigger we will ask you to bring the van back to us in Cardiff & we will fix the issue on site. If we find that any of these faults are human error & have caused something to blow etc... we are not held liable for this. If you go ahead with any works without informing us we are not held liable for the payments.

Crates are also powder coated they have a 1 year warranty - We do offer a package now to upgrade your crates to be galvanized these then offer a 10 year warranty on them (crates only)

It is your responsibility to look after your vehicle conversion. We do not advise to jet wash crates due to electrics in the van. We are not held liable for any crate rusting if it has not been looked after. Keep them dry & clean to keep them looking brand new.
(this includes dog drool, water, sand, sea water)

Any third party works carried out on your vehicle.
For example reversing camera, tow bar, wrapping etc... We will give you the details from these companies should
you have any issues with this. Unfortunately this is not included in the conversion warranty & would need to be sorted
out with the third party company. (Which are based in the Cardiff, Wales area)

If an item/component happens to be faulty within the vehicle conversion in the 12 month period we will of course sort this issue out. But it is the customer/owners responsibility to send back the faulty item to K9TS for us to be-able to rectify the issue or if a refund has been agreed. We ask for this to be sent back so we can send back to the manufacturer. If you go ahead with replacing items/components without informing us then this is not our responsibility as per t&cs (at the top)
we need to be informed & sign off any costs. 

Bulkhead Removal

If you are having the bulkhead removed. Please note the purpose of the bulkhead is for rear cargo protection & driver/passenger safety. Your safety is paramount to K9TS and therefore we accept no responsibility in the unlikely event of an accident if you have opted to remove it. We do offer a drivers panel which can be built behind the driver's seat for a small fee (this will be laminated to match the colours you choose) and will give you partial protection.

Electric Roof Fan

We do have to notify you that with the electric roof fans that in the event of really heavy rain, snow (bad weather) & how the vehicle is parked (on a hill or the angles it is facing) It is possible for rain to make entry through into the van.

Vehicle Warranty / Condition 

If you have purchased a van from us with any manufacturer warranty on. We will of course pass this over & let you know how long is left date wise or if the van is under 60,000 miles. Any problems arising with the van it's self you will need to contact and take to the manufacturer yourself. The warranty isn't invalid as we do not touch structural elements of the van & wiring is completely separate. Any other vans we supply which have no manufacturers warranty and will have 3 months or 3000 miles (soonest) from delivery/collection date (unless stated in adverts/conversations that they may have less or do not have any). If any problems arises within the (K9TS) warranty period we will require a minimum of 2/3 quotes from your local garages and all works must be approved by K9TS prior to commencement of works. If you go ahead with any works without informing us we are not held liable for the payments.

We do our best when sourcing a vehicle to find one as in best condition as possible - Please note some vehicles are a few years old so will have some general wear and tear. Maybe some small dents, scratches which we will try our best to get repaired.

If you sell your vehicle with any conversion warranty left. This warranty then becomes void! and can not be passed
onto the new owner/s.

Genreal T&Cs

We strive to make the safest, comfortable & best looking conversions for you & your K9 friend. We use all the highest quality products & staff. We require the deposit to be paid to secure your van/booking/build slot.


If you have bought a vehicle from K9TS we require the van cost as deposit.

(£1,000 if customer supplied to secure your build slot)
50% of the final amount when conversion starts.
Final 50% day before collection/delivery (unless agreed otherwise)

 If your bank takes a few days for payments to clear we ask you send payment few days before so we have cleared funds. You are liable for sorting your own tax & insurance out from collection/delivery. The V5 will be completed in house & photos sent to you if this is done prior. (if the V5 fails to show we can not chase due to data protection so you will need to contact DVLA yourself which requires the reg, chassis numbers & your personal details I used for the V5 transfer.)

Build slot deposits are fully refundable but if the build is cancelled 2 weeks or less then the deposit is then non refundable. If you require a refund for your build slot then please contact us for a refund form. Refunds can take up to 7 working days.

Vehicles fully converted/finished & supplied by K9TS -
In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the vehicle (supplied by K9TS) and require a full refund.
Refunds are processed & paid in full within 7-10 working days & a form will need to be completed.
This allows us to do a full van inspection and V5 alteration. The vehicle will need to be bought back to Cardiff or via the agreement with Martyn Hall. Please note that you have a 1 week cooling period after this we can not refund.

In the circumstances that the build is bespoke & not a K9TS standard build design. The customer will be liable for the costs & changes to the build by having it changed back to a K9TS standard build design. This is because of the resale & bespoke designs not selling as well as an K9TS standard build design.

Vehicles awaiting conversion & supplied by K9TS - 
In the event you are awaiting a conversion and have bought a vehicle from K9TS and decide to cancel your order. 
We require 28 days to refund so this gives us a chance to re-market the vehicle. Please note that once your conversion has started we can not refund the build. You will be notified if your build is started early.

All vehicles bought through K9TS are also added to our insurance policy whilst in the care of K9TS. 

All Ford Transit Customs supplied by K9TS (unless stated) will go through a complimentary service with Ford parts,
MOT (if required) any issues on the health check or MOT will be sorted by K9TS (unless stated otherwise)

Other make & model of vehicles supplied by K9TS (unless stated) will go through a service, MOT (if required) 
any issues on the MOT will be sorted by K9TS (unless stated otherwise)

Vehicle builds take around 3 weeks to complete. Sometimes they can be finished earlier and you will be contacted if so. Sometimes it may be longer due to no fault of our own with other suppliers running behind or problems with some components being faulty. But you will always be notified and kept in the loop. 

We do take photos and videos of vehicles and post on our social channels. 

* Currently closed for customer supplied*
Terms & Conditions for customer supplied vehicles.

We are taking on the following makes/models (SWB & LWB) they do need to be 2016 and newer;
  •  V.W Caddy Maxi 
  • V.W Caddy Maxi-Life
  • Mercedes Citan
  •  Vauxhall Vivaro
  •  Renault Trafic H1
  •  Ford Transit Custom H1
  •  Fiat Talento H1
  •  Renault Kangoo
  •  Nissian NV250
  •  V.W Transporter H1
  • Toyota proace H1
  • Nissan Primastar
When your vehicle is with us they are fully insured under our company policy from point of collection/delivery until pick up/delivery. All customer supplied conversion prices are slightly more as this covers free collection & delivery - mainland UK only! within an all round trip 120 mile radius anything further incurs £1 per mile. All vehicles supplied to us must also have a full tank of fuel.

We do have a few stipulations – Vehicles must fall into the list above and be 2016 or newer. Your van MUST be in working order, clean and tidy for us (We can not accept vehicles that are un-drivable, have damaged flooring/paint etc…)

We do have few boring T&Cs but they do need to be applied for a smooth operation
  • You must supply K9TS with a full tank of fuel if we are collecting your vehicle.
  • The vehicles electrics are NOT touched or tamped with – the conversion has it's own electrics so any issues with your vehicle electrics are not our responsibility
  • Your build slot date is a 3 week window - most builds take 14 days so please expect we may call you earlier/later for collection/delivery of you vehicle.
  • £1,000 refundable deposit is required to secure your build slot. (not refundable 2 weeks before confirmed build slot)
  • Refunds take up to 7 working days & refund form is to be filled out.
  • 50% of the final balance is due when invoice is sent (minus £1,000 booking slot fee if you paid this)
  • Final 50% of the balance is due day before collection/delivery 
  • All conversions have a 12 month warranty from date of collection/delivery
  • Any problems arise with the conversion in your warranty period we ask you to contact us to see if we can resolve the issue. If not we may ask you to get 2/3 quotes from a local garage. If we agree to the quotes then repairs can take place. If you go ahead without our approval we are not liable for any payments. If the works are bigger then you maybe need to bring the vehicle back to Cardiff yourself for these works to be carried out.
  • We will take photos/videos of your vehicle for social media. If you do not want us to then please let us know.
  • Some extra works for example; reversing cameras maybe carried out by a local sourced business. We will give you the receipt for this & if any problems should arise then you will need to contact them.