Sliding crate systems

Wouldn’t it be just great if you could rock up to your cage builder and in 90 mins be driving away with a new cage system. You can with K9ts !!
We are now taking orders for slide in cage systems
Here’s a single deck for a VW Caddy that was fitted for a customer.

Our unique adjustable cage system allows you to create the perfect space for your doggos. Fully adjustable with escape access Available in single deck options that you can utilise into a bed for those weekend shows.
Also available as a 2up 2down with Jump board & lighting packages can be added also!
28 day lead times at worst, averaging on 7-14 day turnaround
Available in over 200 colours to suit your vehicle
This particular cage is 700 mm high and 1400 mm long. 
Please message for quotes as varies on van/model - Lia 07930612576

Sliding Crate System & bed area

Something a little different…….. Available on customer supplied vans and compatible with the following makes and models that have a removable second row of seats
  • Transit Custom
  • Mercedes Vito Tourer
  • Mercedes V Class
  • Transporter Combi
  • Transporter Caravelle
This range is also compatible with passenger variants of the Trafic, Vivaro and most mid sizes vehicle
Totally safe - Tested Crate System, mountable on existing floor tracking of your vehicle
Fully removable leaving no evidence should your vehicle be a lease vehicle
Choice of 200 cage colours and linings
Please message for quotes as varies on van/model - Lia 07930612576